All Dozer rakes can be manufactured per customer's requests, and specifications. Height, width and thickness of tines will be made according to instructions and hook-ups fitted to the machine. The rake can be attached at the top of the blade, on the sides of the blade, or it can be pinned for dozer hook-up for use without the blade.

Structural Features
teeth - 1 ½" high strength wear alloy
structural - 6x6x½" tubing
structural - ½" high strength plate
bracing - ½" high strength plate

Assembly Features
double welded for added strength
stress point bracing
custom fitted for your dozer(s) hookup configuration

The Flop Back Root Rake works on the forward travel of your machine.
The rake is attached by two brackets welded to the blade and two pins.

The 16" penetrating teeth hang below the blade to force roots up out of the ground into the travel of the blade.

Structural Features
teeth - 1 ¼” high strength wear plate
structural - 6x6x½" tubing
bracing - ½“ structural plate
teeth for 11‘ and above - 1½” high strength wear plate
(can be thicker at customers request)


Assembly Features
custom fitted to your blade
double welded
stress point bracing

Model Teeth A B C
RKD0506 6 to 7 to 6' * 16"
RKD0607 7 to 8 to 7' * 16"
RKD0708 8 to 9 to 8' * 16"
RKD0809 9 to 10 to 10' * 16"
RKD0910 10 to 11 to 10' * 16"
RKD1011 11 to 12 to 11' * 18"
RKD1112 12 to 13 to 12' * 20"

* Equals height of your blade
Click on the "Diagram" picture above (it will open in a new window)

The following information is needed when ordering:
Make, Model, Serial Number

The measurements are needed from your blade as follows:
The measurement form the right tip to the left tip of the cutting edge = A
The measurement from the cutting edge to the top of the blade = B
Indicate a straight cutting edge or semi-U cutting edge

For Semi-U blades, two additional measurements are needed:
The measurement from the tip of the break (weld) = tip out
The measurement from the left break to the right break = the straight edge

Click here for ordering & hook-up information

Note: Some manufacturers will not share dimensional information of their products to an after market manufacturer in fear of direct competition. Therefore it may be necessary to obtain the information from the machine itself. The needed hookup configuration measurements can be obtained from the existing bucket configuration.

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